The Session and its Stated Meetings

The Session is currently composed of five Elders, two per Class, a new Class being elected each year, plus a Moderator and the Stated Clerk, if he or she does not happen to be one of the actively serving Elders.  (The Session can elect a non-actively serving Elder to serve as Clerk.  When this is done, the Clerk does not have a vote on "action items".)  The terms of active service for each Class are for three years.  The term starts the first Lord's Day in the new calendar year, and runs for three years, to the Lord's Day when the new class is installed.  The members of the congregation vote to elect the Elders.  The Elders vote to elect a Stated Clerk at the first meeting of each year.

Elders currently serving on our Session include:  Jeff Kirkland,  Ruth Martin,  John McKibben, Marianne Stone,  Rev. Harry Cain, Moderator and John McKibben, Clerk of Session. 

If you would like to contact one of our Elders or our Clerk of Session, please feel free to email them at or phone them at 706-637-6686 and your message will be forwarded to them.